Ferment, Pickle, Dry

Ferment, Pickle, Dry: Ancient Methods, Modern Meals. Authors Simon Poffley and Gaba Smolinska-Poffley. Published by Francis Lincoln Publishers, September 2016. Photography by Kim Lightbody. All prop- and food styling by me.

Ferment, Pickle, Dry: Ancient Methods, Modern Meals offers a simple and exciting guide to fermenting, drying and pickling food. Each recipe also goes beyond the central preserved element to suggest a complete modern meal or snack. Recipes range from classics such as milk yoghurt, pickled gherkins and dried mushrooms, to clever creations such as carrot kimchi, pickled honey and garlic or dried candied pumpkin. Meanwhile dishes cover simple meals (such as a sauerkraut rosti), to more elaborate combinations, including preserved orange, cuttlefish and squid ink linguine.

The book explains the practical techniques and essential kit you need, and guides beginners as well as challenges seasoned preservers.


Private Chef at Drynachan Lodge

Drynachan Lodge is located in the Scottish Highlands and owned by Lord Cawdor. Private cheffing at Drynachan means a wealth of local Scottish produce, fresh fish and game to work with and the woods, river and hills to forage. A chef’s dream.



Summer Seaweed

Summer Seaweed. Article written for Chickpea Magazine’s 8th edition (2013). Photography by Kim Lightbody. Food styling by me.

Chickpea magazine is a vegan food & writing publication, with a focus to bring whole-foods cooking & living to a beautiful, practical level. Summer Seaweed is an article Kim Lightbody and I wrote, styled and shot for Chickpea Magazine. The article included eight vegan recipes using different types of seaweeds with dishes ranging from savoury to sweet.

Outdoor Cooking Demo – Streatham Common Community Garden

Streatham Common Community Garden (South London) invited me to run an outdoor cooking demonstration and workshop in which I would show growers and visitors of all ages a few recipes and tricks what to do with the wealth of produce they had grown. 

Since I grab any opportunity I can to cook on wood-fires or a charcoal BBQ (I absolutely love it), I proposed a veggie based workshop working with everything the season and the garden had to offer (think of fresh peas, rainbow chard, broad beans, potatoes, fresh herbs and strawberries, but also calendula flowers, nasturtium leaves and flowers, angelica root and flowers and vine leaves). The day turned out to be a wonderful gathering and feast.

Guardian Cook ‘Get Ahead’ – Potatoes

Each week The Guardian features a main ingredient which allows itself to be prepared in bulk, followed by four ideas for transforming that ingredient into easy, inspired meals that can be eaten throughout the week. This specific week it offered recipes with potatoes by the author Tom Hunt. Photography by Kristin Perers.


Guardian Cook Egg Bible

The Guardian Cook asked seven authors to contribute with a recipe in order to complete this little Egg Bible covering delicious alternatives to your everyday egg favourites. Photos by Jill Mead. I was responsible for all food preparations and foodstyling.


Tom’s Feast is a catering business that bases its menus on the seasons and has a simple method of creating a menu – study the seasonal ingredients (from wild foraging to cultivated veggies and game), pick what seems instantly inspiring or make use of what it’s a particularly good year for. Caring for the environment has always been paramount to how Tom’s Feast operates a business. In the kitchens waste is minimised by preparing not only meat but vegetables with thrift in mind. All other waste is composted and recycled.
I have been executive chef of Tom’s Feast since 2012 and have been lucky to organise many a Feast, always working with an incredible team.