Guardian Cook Egg Bible

The Guardian Cook asked seven authors to contribute with a recipe in order to complete this little Egg Bible covering delicious alternatives to your everyday egg favourites. Photos by Jill Mead. I was responsible for all food preparations and foodstyling.


Tom’s Feast is a catering business that bases its menus on the seasons and has a simple method of creating a menu – study the seasonal ingredients (from wild foraging to cultivated veggies and game), pick what seems instantly inspiring or make use of what it’s a particularly good year for. Caring for the environment has always been paramount to how Tom’s Feast operates a business. In the kitchens waste is minimised by preparing not only meat but vegetables with thrift in mind. All other waste is composted and recycled.
I have been executive chef of Tom’s Feast since 2012 and have been lucky to organise many a Feast, always working with an incredible team.



This test shoot of new recipes with different types of miso paste. Photography by Kim Lightbody.

Light on waste

For this project I explored what value visitors of the exhibition (Making Believe, London (2011)) would give an object made completely from reclaimed materials by exploring the possibilities of scaling and re-imagining the way we think about waste materials. I was interested whether an object could be seen as design, and not a form of ‘recycled art’ if I were to change the function and use specific materials. If by ‘redesigning waste’ and selling it could I, as a designer, be able to make a living by doing so?
During the exhibition I asked visitors to bid in a false auction, and to give their opinion on the matter.