This test shoot of new recipes with different types of miso paste. Photography by Kim Lightbody.

Light on waste

For this project I explored what value visitors of the exhibition (Making Believe, London (2011)) would give an object made completely from reclaimed materials by exploring the possibilities of scaling and re-imagining the way we think about waste materials. I was interested whether an object could be seen as design, and not a form of ‘recycled art’ if I were to change the function and use specific materials. If by ‘redesigning waste’ and selling it could I, as a designer, be able to make a living by doing so?
During the exhibition I asked visitors to bid in a false auction, and to give their opinion on the matter.





CMYK chairs

During my internship at South Side Design and Building (Greenpoint, NY(2010)) South Side was asked to develop four chairs as well as four benches as part of the CMYK Cocktail event as organised by Tasteologie at Droog’s New York stores. Working closely together with Emilie Baltz (emiliebaltz.com) as well as Adam Thabo (adamthabo.com), we created zero waste benches utilising standard construction materials (2×4′s and OSB panels.) The chairs were reclaimed and hand-painted to create unique and contemporary takes on classical and modern forms each representing a colour from this subtractive colour model.