CONSIDERED Magazine Volume Three, Summer 2020. Photography by Kim Lightbody. Food styling and recipes by me.

CONSIDERED Magazine is an independently published, bi-annual print magazine featuring sustainable and mindful lifestyle and travel articles. For Volume Three Kim and I created a series of vegan recipes with a focus on seasonality, cleanliness, serenity and nutrition and used a selection of locally foraged and fermented ingredients.

In the photos; A simple vegetable broth with rock samphire, wild chervil, green asparagus, British peas, shallots, radishes & radish leaves; Grilled apricots & Mirabelle plums with elderflower drizzle and bay leaf dust; Wholemeal Khorasan bread with tarragon, aniseed and sunflowers seeds; Start of summer salad with purple potatoes, pickled rhubarb, wild Alexander buds, wild pink sorrel, fennel tops and rhubarb vinaigrette.

Summer Seaweed

Summer Seaweed. Article written for Chickpea Magazine’s 8th edition (2013). Photography by Kim Lightbody. Food styling by me.

Chickpea magazine is a vegan food & writing publication, with a focus to bring whole-foods cooking & living to a beautiful, practical level. Summer Seaweed is an article Kim Lightbody and I wrote, styled and shot for Chickpea Magazine. The article included eight vegan recipes using different types of seaweeds with dishes ranging from savoury to sweet.